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Intact Miombo forest
Carbon Ventures Africa -- removing carbon by reforesting Africa

Working with local communities to restore native forests and carbon sinks for future generations

Carbon Ventures Africa is a business that restores native forests on deforested and degraded land in Africa, in cooperation with local communities, NGOs, technical specialists and international partners. The company was started in 2022 by the founders of Power Ventures Africa, and plans to plant more than 10 million trees over the next 5 years, removing more than 5 million tonnes of CO₂e by 2050.

The problem

Deforestation driven by slash-and-burn agriculture, charcoal production and commercial logging.


Nearly 4 million hectares of African forests are being cut down each year, at almost double the speed of the world’s deforestation average driven by commercial logging, charcoal production and expansion of agricultural land.


This is catastrophic for the global climate. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has made it clear that deforestation is a direct cause of the increased presence of CO2 in the air. Forests are carbon sinks; they cycle carbon out of the atmosphere and transform it into biomass through photosynthesis.


Deforestation also negatively impacts local communities directly as land becomes degraded from overuse and lack of tree cover. The FAO reports that up to 65 per cent of African productive land is degraded, while

desertification affects 45 per cent of the continent.

Miombo deforestation

“Degraded forest landscapes intensify the effects of climate change and are a barrier to building resilient and prosperous communities when 60 percent of Africans depend on their land and their forests”

Review of forest and landscape restoration in Africa - FAO

Grand Katanga Miombo forest

The solution

Financing native forest restoration with high-quality, durable. verified carbon credits, to combat climate change, promote biodiversity and support local communities.

Reforestation is one of the most effective means of tackling climate change and can have a major positive impact on desertification and biodiversity.


Net-zero commitments by companies, cities and other organisations have proliferated in the last 5 years, with one in three setting targets for 2045 or earlier. Reforestation projects are a key way in which organisations can deliver on their net-zero commitments but there is a shortage of high quality removal projects and credits. Many local communities in Africa want to restore their natural forests but do not have the technical expertise or financing to do so.


Carbon Ventures Africa bridges this gap. We support local communities to plant indigenous species on their degraded land by using the value of the carbon offsets to finance the establishment, protection and maintenance of new, permanent forests.

We work with technical partners like the University of Lubumbashi and Treeconomy to ensure the right species selection, and deliver high-quality, durable. verified carbon offsets.   

Our approach

Carbon Ventures Africa works with local communities to reforest large areas of land that have been degraded by slash-and-burn agriculture and charcoal production. Communities benefit from the re-establishment of native forests, long-term employment, sustainable charcoal production, agricultural improvements, and a share of the value generated by high-quality, durable carbon credits.

Led by communities, benefitting communities, restoring forests - financed by the very highest quality and durable carbon removal credits.

Where we work

CVA is currently developing reforestation projects in the DR Congo, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Nigeria.

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